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28 February 2019/Author: Lisa Graham/Number of views (767)

Can we be addicted to food?

14th February 2019

Some perceive the word addiction as too strong when considering eating habits and routines, yet if you dive into the biology and psychology behind an addiction and the intakes of certain foods you may see justification for the use of the term 'food addiction'.

14 February 2019/Author: Matt Whitaker/Number of views (686)
Categories: Research

Quality over quantity? Why the need for nutrients might trump the need for energy when it comes to what causes hunger

31st January 2019

Controlling hunger is essential for anyone who wants to manage their health and weight, but the important role of the quality of food in this is often not considered. This week's blog takes a look at the key causes of hunger, and how the nutrient content of the foods you eat may be the missing piece in helping you control yours.

31 January 2019/Author: Sean Wheatley/Number of views (890)
Categories: Research

Real versus Processed Food

Following a real food diet that is minimally processed could be one of the most important lifestyle factors in maintaining health and quality of life, these are five reasons why.

17 January 2019/Author: Paul Hollinrake/Number of views (546)
Categories: Research

New Year, New You

3rd January 2019

Rather than setting overly general New Year's resolutions, here are some tips on how to set long-term, sustainable and successful health goals!

03 January 2019/Author: Nina Evans/Number of views (577)
Categories: Research
19 December 2018/Author: Lisa Graham/Number of views (977)

Are you really hungry when you eat?

13th December 2018

True physiological hunger is only one reason why we eat, arguably the main drivers are emotions, habit and addiction. identifying these and their triggers will help you take more control over your eating!

13 December 2018/Author: Matt Whitaker/Number of views (726)
Categories: Research

“Keep your waist to less than half your height”: why the waist to height ratio deserves more credit

29th November 2018

The impact of being overweight or obese on health is well known, but some of the most widely used ways of measuring this are often criticised. Finding a simple to use and easy to understand marker of obesity can be an important step in helping an individual understand their own health risk, and one possible solution is the waist to height ratio (WHtR).

29 November 2018/Author: Sean Wheatley/Number of views (2364)
Categories: Research

International Diabetes Federation

World Diabetes Day and 2018 – 19 Campaign

Today is World Diabetes Day and the theme for 2018-19 is The Family and Diabetes.
14 November 2018/Author: Paul Hollinrake/Number of views (720)
Categories: Research

We Are Recruiting

There is a Finance Manager position available in our small but expanding charity. See the job advert within or on indeed. For any further information or a job description please call 01422 847871 or email admin@xperthealth.org.uk

02 November 2018/Author: Nina Evans/Number of views (871)

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